INTER1 & INTER2: second-semester activity summary

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, through circumstances some of you are unable to attend the video courses. Here is a summary of activity in case you have missed something…


The in-term assessment grade is based on the mock exam.


Two big mandates

  1. Visual Identity Project
  2. Big book Project

…deadlines are as shown here.

  • 14 April: present visual identity projects; launch big book project
  • 21 April: more present visual identity projects; continue with book
  • 28 April: continue big book project; InDesign revision exercises
  • 05 May: continue big book project; hand out unmarked mock exam
  • 19 May: present big book project
  • 26 May: more present big book project; summary of everything
  • 12 June: final exam

The in-term assessment grade is taken from your grades of the two big mandates, namely the visual ID and big book projects.

Here is a sample final exam. The real final exam is about equally as challenging. Note that in the final exam you will need to do the following in InDesign (which is not included in the mock exam):

  • download and install a named font set: the font set I choose is downloadable from both Adobe Creative Cloud and from Google Fonts
  • have bullet texts.

Note that boring things like for example document settings, print settings, document bleed, paragraph styles, named colour swatches, image colour profiles and correctly sizing documents for digital media are important in the real world hence are important also for the final exam. Note also that the final exam InDesign exercise is quite “long” — here I am testing also “fluency”.


INTER 2 projects 2019/2020: procedure and deadlines

You will be marked on each of these assignments below. For assignments that include a presentation, you will be marked on both the quality of the assignment and the presentation itself. transfers should be to gives you email confirmation that I have downloaded your file submission. It is your responsibility to check that I have your assignment.

Small stuff

Small Illustrator test during lesson 1 October 2019.

Optional: you are invited to re-do the June 2019 exam and submit this to me by the end of 1 October 2019. I will mark it and put the results up with a low coefficient. Send submission to me as a zipped directory filename “”.

Exam mockup (big) test 19 November 2019.

1. Big document project

Send the for print PDF with filename “big_SURNAME_Firstname.pdf” by the end of 9 October 2019.

Upon your request, the deadline for sending this to me is extended to the end of 13 October 2019.

Upon my wanting you to improve, you are invited to resubmit this document by the end of 17 April 2020. I will mark this shortly thereafter.

2. Self teach assignment

  • The assignment choices are handed out to you on 1 October 2019.
  • You choose a team of from 1 to 3 people, and for each team choose your favourite 3 topics from most favourite to least.
  • On a piece of paper, hand in to me at the start of the lesson on 2 October a piece of paper with the name of the people (person) in your team, and a list of your favourite 3 projects.
  • I will assign your self-teach topic on 8 October, together with a project number.
  • Send the PDF of your presentation to me with filename “selfteach_projectnumber.pdf” by the end of 4 November
  • You will be presenting this work during the lesson on 5 November

3. Portrait (your mugshot) project

Send the result as a Photoshop PSD file (which should include all the adjustment layers you used) with filename “mugshot_SURNAME_Firstname.psd” by the end of 22 October 2019

4. Visual identity project

Send the result as a PDF with filename “visual_id_SURNAME_Firstname.pdf” by the end of 13 April 2020. You will be presenting this work to the class during the lessons on 14 and 21 April 2020. You must be prepared and ready to present on 14 April.

New January 2020: deadline postponed one week to end of 20 April and be ready to present at lesson on 21 April. But those who hand in by 13 April and can present on 14 April get a 2/20 bonus.

5. Big book project

Upload the result to Microsoft Teams, as two for viewing PDF files (cover and book pages) in a zipped directory with ZIP file name “” by the end of 18 May 2020. Each of you will be presenting your book to the class on 19 May and 26 May (changed from one week later). You must be prepared and ready to present on 19 May.

Self teach assignment allocation

Team 11: After Effects


Team 12: Ph 3D

SALEN Justine
TEPE Mathidle

Team 13: Premiere Pro


Team 14 : Ph filters

OULMI Jasmine
SEGOND Charlie

Team 15: Ph layers, selection & masking

BIZOT Alexandra

Team 16


Team 17: Animated fonts?


Team 21: In EPUB

MESSAGER Alexandrine
ZIADI Mayssa

Team 22: Ph layers, selection & masking

DALI Sofia
LE SCRILL Alexandre

Team 23:

POIREAU Hortense

Team 24: Ph filters


Team 25:

HUET Maële
CANTIN Emmeline


Colour checker

Before checking colour

You should always have your computer monitor really clean. Google something like “how to clean my macbook display” (assuming you have a Mac).

You should maximise your screen “real estate”…

  • If you have both (1) a Mac with a retina screen and (2) reasonably good eyes, then you can scale your display for more monitor space.
    Click on the apple icon in your top bar, and from the drop-down menu go “System Preferences…”, and then “Displays”. In the “display” tab click “Resolution Scaled”, then “More Space”.
  • Make the Dock application items disappear: In “System Preferences” click on “Dock”, and then tick the second from the bottom “Automatically hide and show the Dock””.
  • More radical — I do this but maybe you do not want to: automatically hide and show the (top) menu bar. In “System Preferences” click on “General”, then click on the second markable item “Automatically hide and show menu bar”.

Checking colour when you have a real Gratagmacbeth ColorChecker

Download this Gratagmacbeth ColorChecker JPG file (Colour profile is Pro-photo RGB) when I show you a real one in class.

Open this JPG in Photoshop and check against my physical ColorChecker.  Adjust your screen brightness to improve the colour match. Look carefully.

Generally, modern un-cheap computer monitors are pretty good, but certainly not very good, at rendering colour.

Professionals use a hardware colour checking device to calibrate the colour profile of their screen.

I will show you what happens when one prints this file on a series of non-professional office colour printers. Pretty catastrophic! Typical office printers do a rather bad job of rendering colour. Professional printers can be colour calibrated.

Colour, and colour profiles, and colour gamut (the range of colours available on a particular medium and device) is a big subject.

And, how does this website rendering (below) compare to the physical colour checker?

Free resources for creative professionals

Here I cite some really good and legal free resources.


Unspash if a good first place to look for free images.

Other good places to look for free images

If you need a very specific photo, let’s say a photo of Dieppe harbour, then search for it at when you find the photo that you want, then click on the photo, then click on the “Download a preview” icon to download the photograph. While you are still previewing your work, use the photo with the “Shutterstock” watermark; when your design is approved for use, then buy the full resolution un-watermarked image from Shutterstock. It costs just €40 for 5 images, and less if you buy in bulk.


Free fonts:

Sending large files

One often needs to send somebody very large computer files. For this I use It’s easy to use and free for sending up to 2GB, and there is an audit trail in as much as you get confirmation when the file has been downloaded.

For sending even larger files, Fromsmash is an alternative to Wetransfer.

To send large file a little more elegantly, you can use your Adobe cloud storage. Each file has a link, which you can get from opening your cloud storage files on the web. Just email the link.

Dummy text

For generating lots of dummy text, I often use Blind-Text-Generator. But note that InDesign can automatically generate dummy (Latin) text into a text block: to do this go » Type » Fill with placeholder text.

Aside: inspiration

When seeking inspiration when starting a new visual identity (logo, banding et al) project, I visit the BrandNew website. Then click on Browse and choose the industry that interests — and look around.

How to change an Adobe application language

Changing the language of an Adobe Creative Cloud application, for example InDesign, from French to English is really easy.

Just follow these clear instructions.

Note that you need to uninstall then reinstall the applications (for example InDesign) before this change will take effect, or even install-uninstall-install! This is also explained in the article — via a hyperlink to another article.

This works — I have just tested it.