INTER1 & INTER2: second-semester activity summary

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, through circumstances some of you are unable to attend the video courses. Here is a summary of activity in case you have missed something…


The in-term assessment grade is based on the mock exam.


Two big mandates

  1. Visual Identity Project
  2. Big book Project

…deadlines are as shown here.

  • 14 April: present visual identity projects; launch big book project
  • 21 April: more present visual identity projects; continue with book
  • 28 April: continue big book project; InDesign revision exercises
  • 05 May: continue big book project; hand out unmarked mock exam
  • 19 May: present big book project
  • 26 May: more present big book project; summary of everything
  • 12 June: final exam

The in-term assessment grade is taken from your grades of the two big mandates, namely the visual ID and big book projects.

Here is a sample final exam. The real final exam is about equally as challenging. Note that in the final exam you will need to do the following in InDesign (which is not included in the mock exam):

  • download and install a named font set: the font set I choose is downloadable from both Adobe Creative Cloud and from Google Fonts
  • have bullet texts.

Note that boring things like for example document settings, print settings, document bleed, paragraph styles, named colour swatches, image colour profiles and correctly sizing documents for digital media are important in the real world hence are important also for the final exam. Note also that the final exam InDesign exercise is quite “long” — here I am testing also “fluency”.