Resources INTER1


“Nomenclature” used in courses

Introduction to typography

The golden rule for information design

Good graphic design practice

1 Computer stuff


2 Adobe Creative Suite

Mini introduction: Adobe Bridge

3 Adobe InDesign

Exercise: business card (A+)
Exercise: invitation card (IFIT)
— some IFIT help tips

Exercise: big dry run test in November

4 Adobe Photoshop

Exercise: Photoshop Camera RAW (skatepark wall)
Exercise: Photoshop 2 (Berlin, balloon and landscape, family on bridge, Chanel)

5 Adobe Illustrator

Lesson: Illustrator

I teach in the “wrong order”, hence the title numbers not being consecutive. InDesign is taught first because you need it first!

End-of-course material

Bits and pieces: notes and exercises

Exercise: Exam dry run in May
Exercise: Post-test notes and exercises